December 30, 2011

Never in Scandinavia

No, this magazine writes nothing about how to get fit via regular working out or eating healthy - it's all about nip tucks, going under the knife for numerous reasons and the newest techniques in the plastic world.

Worth mentioning, this New You is from the USA, east coast.

Rocking around the christmas tree

When celebrating christmas on a cruise ship one has to be creative, so I used the corner chair as my tree. Better than no tree huh?

Always a reason to stop by Starbucks

Starbucks in Kiel.

Gewhol - 30 euros or 6 euros?

In Sweden Gehwol is portrayed as an expensive and qualitive brand for footcare. Here (in Sweden) you buy their wonderful products for around 30 euros a piece(or 249 sek), in Germany however, you get the exact same products for around 5.95 euros (50-69 sek)
Yet another reason to purchase brands in their home land - if you don't want to be robbed!!