July 19, 2009


I miss my boyfriend , and I miss my friends so much. I have never in my entire life been so asocial in such amount of time. It feels like I am stuck here, and time stands still. Its gray outside, and the rain keeps falling down from time to time, often several times a day… Where is the sun? Damn weather forecasters…

PS: I have no numbers in my NOR-sim card – call me. I still have the same number! That goes for you too Miami girl

Flickan som lekte med elden

After reading the most exciting book of my entire 22-year old life – which ends with even more curiosity and even more questions that I need answers to. How could it end like that! The most thrilling part…

I cant wait for the next and third part of this trilogy – ”Stieg Larsson – Luftslottet som sprängdes. ”

You may think I’ve had a dull summer, and you may be right. In the last days of June I finished ”Män som hatar kvinnor” – and now I just finished the second part ”Flickan som lekte med elden”. However, what really bugs me is that I want the last book and you cant get it here – because I am in the middle of nowhere, and I would guess that they don’t have it in the original language, which is a necessity.

I’m afraid I would have to wait 9 more days until I get to Göteborg. I am seriously counting the days.

…In this godforsaken land I am in..

July 14, 2009

What to do

After 3 years I finally have a BBA. Now what to do?

This year, I want to travel, learn a new language, a get a job relevant to my education.

I know this, I dont want to live in Norway, and I am not starting on a masters degree, at least not this year.

Paris is tempting.... Brussel.... Göteborg, a trip to New York, and maybe a sunny vacation on a Greek Island...

I want to do it all.

Parlez vous Francais ? Oui, Oui....

July 12, 2009

July 12th - still living the simple life

The most sweetest friend of mine, Ida Christine, came to visit at Lofoten today. Havent seen her in too long, which we decided to change from nowon! I am seeing you soon IDA!!

The weather today was "real summer temperature", it was even so hot that Ida and me decided to go for a swim in the sea. Which I assume was about 10-12 C. REFRESHING!! It was bitter cold, but nice to cool off in the sun... And now I have checked that on my list of things to do here.
"When you want to finish of with something wise, there is always someone that has already said it better."

Living the simple life - in Lofoten Islands

I’m sorry i haven’t updated my blog; it’s been too long. Almost a month!

I have now left New York, and is currently in the north of the far north of Norway, working at a camping site for my father, so I’m staying here till the end of July. The last couple of weeks in NY were all too busy, and stressful, with work, exams and packing everything. By the way, I had to pay overweight when flying home, fucking unnecessary $ 85.

Well, I know my blog was suppose to be about New York, and whatever the surroundings, but that chapter is done, finito. However, my plan is to continue updating on my blog, pretty much stuff about me, and my super exciting life, and what in it that inspires me.

Nevertheless, right now, my location is Lofoten Islands, Norway. It’s the most beautiful place on earth; surrounded by big and divine mountains, white beaches and green sea.
How tremendous this might sound, its exceptionally boring (from time to time), and I’m not a big complainer.

It’s not that it’s so horrible; it’s just that I’m in the middle of nowhere, and few friends here, and did I mention no Internet? I have to bicycle 4 km to the library where they have broadband… I really miss my blackberry :(

BUT, there are loads of interesting people here from over 30 nationalities, and yesterday, one of our guests was a 70 year old Schweitzer-man which had been bicycling all the way from Switzerland to Lofoten, which I would presume is about 40 000 km maybe? IMPRESSING.