February 22, 2009

So soar in my body...

I haven't played football in many years, and by football I mean soccer, not the stupid american football sport. I have never understood what that is all about. Anyway, we went to Chelsea Piers, on Pier 40, where it's a huge football field. We asked to play with the guys on the other side, asians, middle-east, american, swedish, norwegians, pakistani, mexicans you name it, we all played together. I had a lot of fun, and though I was the only girl I scored one goal! Proud! 
We might be going back there next weekend, so if you want to play with us, shout out!

February 20, 2009


You know, I'm just a big fan of Lifebooker, and today I did another appointment for haircutting at Projet F. I was in desperate need of a haircut to tell you that, it's been almost 10 weeks since last, and my bob is no longer a bob (doesn't look like it). Anyway, I've heard they're really good there. Mr. Lover has gone there twice, to Hector and can't brag enough about him. Well, I just ordered a simple haircut and when I got there I got massaged in 15 minutes or so, went thoroughly on neck massaging and the scalp, it felt so good. 

The thing is that if you order on Lifebooker, you pay $40 for a haircut at Projet F and if you had went to the salon instead you would have to pay $80 at least, so it's 50% off, which I think is awesome! 

When in Front Row..

Yesterday was amazing! I was at Bryant Park, at the Promenade helping out for the Milly by Michelle Smith show, which was so brilliant. I would like to get maybe half of her collection, though I have never really heard of the brand but look out for it! I love this pink skirt, the gold sequin coat. The colours and how they mixed the fabrics together was genius. I was the celebrity filler, got to seat the guests, and then I got to held a seat for Mary J, in the front row, so that no one else would grab her chair. And while I sat there, Julia Stiles sat down next to me and on the other side Nelly Yuki from Gossip Girl (don't remember her real name, you know who). The show was full with celebrities and Papparazi but I just didn't feel sooo fresh with my white t-shirt and semi-clean hair, but they will probably cut me out if I'm in any photos, cause I probably am.. Haha

Today I met up with Wenche at Cafe Gitane in SoHo, for a Satay Chicken which is always my choice. I haven't seen her since forever, just too long ago! It was really fun seeing her again, just too bad it was just for a short time. You know when you meet up with friends you haven't seen in a while and the talk just goes by itself, it's no awkward moments in between sentences. That's real friends!

February 17, 2009

"I think the more you get in touch with yourself, the better you look."
...Halle Berry

February 14th and Fashion Week totally rocks my world!

On saturday I saw Andy & Debb, and then Verrier show at Bryant Park. I really liked Verrier collection for fall 09; the ruffle shirts and the feminine dresses, and I also liked when they had longer socks, like men's socks, a bit longer than what I've seen before. I am so sad I missed the Barbie show, I heard it was amazing. I am going back on wednesday, and I would love to see the Anna Sui then. I love her.

However, Valentines day was lovely <3 I gave Mr. Lover a frame with some photos of us, he was thrilled;) just what I wanted! Later than evening we had made reservations for a thai restaurant in Williamsburg, but obviously there was something wrong with the subways then, and no taxi knew how to get to brooklyn ( surprise, surprise...) so we missed the reservation and went to a Japanese restaurant in Greenpoint, and had some great sushi and teriyaki there! The place is called Sakura and have the greatest quality in Sushi there, a must.

Now, I'm just doing my Spreadsheets homework before I'm off to seeing a film on my Mac and then it's bedtime for me! Tomorrow I have to catch up with Wenche, which is here for a week with her sister, have to take her out some night:)


February 15, 2009

Love and Peace

What a day! Its only 4pm but I feel as though I've done so much today. I had my fin accounting midterm today and a essay hand in midterm in a liberal arts course right after.

Right after that I went to my waxing appointment! Brazilian! I made the appointment through
lifebooker.com where you find NY's top salons to discounted prices. Definetely worth checking out guys. And now I feel like I'm walking like a pregnant woman.

and don't forget that its valentines day today ... I'm sending out love and peace to everyone! And may you feel the love from all your dear ones!

February 12, 2009

first day mbfw

Today was my first day volunteering at Fashion Week in Bryant Park. I knew that there weren't suppose to be any shows today so it was just putting it all together and unifying everything. Believe me, I had no idea that it was going to be that much hard work, I was so warm and sweaty of organizing all the chairs and measuring and I don't know what.. but it turned out to be really neat! I'm going back there on Saturday and I can only imagine what it will be like then... even more hard work:) 

I get so frustrated on some people, I mean you get the chance to volunteer and then you just sit there and do nothing, and I also saw some girls, you could really tell that they haven't been working a lot in their life. But I'm satisfied with my effort:) 

Now, I am off to studying for my midterm in accounting which is tomorrow!! wish me luck ;)
"People are as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Abraham Lincoln ... soo true, soo true.

Spring time!

I wish everyone could experience true love. When you know you've met the person you belong together with, your soulmate, and it's so unique and so special. Everytime I see him I feel it in my whole body and I light up immediately, I am so in love with you and this feels so right. I have never met someone like you ;) Jag älskar dig!

I love my life. Yesterday I got my first birthday present, not a second too early, haha, its in three weeks:) It was a spring jacket that I've wanted for sooo long now, and I wore it on today in this beautiful warm weather. Thank you Helen! <3 You're so sweet!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to Bryant Park and volunteering for a few hours at Fashion Week. I am so excited, I wonder what it is going to be like, it's really strict though, but of course it has to be, sorry, no photos... If I can't sneak in my blackberry and accidentally take some random photos? Noo? We'll see :)

Good night New York, I'm off to bed and dreaming sweet dreams about my love ones (you know who you are) <3

February 10, 2009


I walk down the subway stairs to the platform where I see a big fat rat running around, then I see a woman crawling on the bench to get away from the bigger fatter rat with a continous scream, and I couldn't help myself from laughing and smiling thinking "God what are you afraid of, its not gonna hurt you, Its just ugly and fat and hairy". I think that was quite funny though...

Then some seconds later, I catch my self being really paranoid and lloking around on the ground while walking down the platform... What if that rat catches me and run over my shoes or something like that.. I heard they have really big teeth?? Should I be scared? Eeewwww...
"Read the book before you go see the movie"

quote of the day... :) 

new week!

Is it starting to look like spring? Its forecasted to be +degrees all week, fyi, in fahrenheit that's over 32. I am so sick of cold weather now, can't wait to wear a lighter jacket and ballerinas:)

Yesterday we had dinner at LeSouk (again...) to celebrate Carls birthday, which is actually today. Happy Birthday Carl! It was a great party and a great crowd. Actually Im just starting to like LeSouk more and more, although it feels like a maze sometimes, whatever... Its great music and delish food. Photos will come soon... Ohh, by the way, they make a really good sangria ;)

February 8, 2009

Big Easy

It's big, it's easy. A college bar at upper upper east at 92nd and 2nd Ave called Big Easy. You get beer for $1 and a pitcher for $7 or something, so if you like beer this is a great place, and it's easy to get new friends there too, just look at the upper photo, don't you just wanna hug him?

Change of plans...

Ok, so I figured it might be a good idea writing in English, after all, it is a language most people ( that I know) understand ... so shout out if you disagree!

I don´t know about you guys but this sugar thing here in the USA is really bothering me, it really gets me stressed out, I mean, for once there is about 15 grams of sugar in a cinnamon oatmeal from quaker, thats just crazy man!! Cause when you look at it, you think its healthy, but nooooo.... I HATE SUGAR.  How does one avoid it? Does it exist any food without sugar, show me milk with less that 12 grams of sugar or pasta or whatever, that would make me so happy, and not least peaceful, when that day comes... boy... 

Right now, it´s 12.12 am on saturday night and I´m at home alone doing my accounting homework, fun huh? -even though everyone else is out and almost forced me to go out with them I don´t feel like it. I feel like doing accounting and drinking water. I´m such a geek. geeeky geeeky nerdy Linn. 

Ohhh, and I am so trying to find a gossip girl shooting, and I missed it yesterday, but my friend told me that she saw it up at 55th and 56th.. I´m so jealous.. Have to see the next one, not that I´m an obsessive celebrity stalker or something similar, but i really really do luuuv gossip girl, especially Leighton Master (did I spell that right?) she´s beautiful.

I <3> NY sweatshirts for $10 at Bowling Green, by ferry, and cheap t shirts as well, you get it for twice as much somewhere else.

Good night new york!

February 5, 2009

"To know and not to do -is really not to know." 

-Buddhist teacher ... love this quote, it´s so true.

Wednesday, but feels like thursday

Ja, dagen startet tidlig ved at jeg og Mr. Lover fikk vente ca 45 min på G toget, og når det kom fikk man knapt puste pga alle folkene på toget.. Det endte med at jeg kom for sent, men Mr. Joyce accounting læreren min sa det var ok ... Det verste jeg vet er å komme for sent! 

Pratet med kusine Marie igår, som er verdens søteste herlige jente! hun kommer kanskje hit I pasken, håper det :)

Og nå nettopp støtte jeg på en annen herlig jente, Emilia, alltid godt å se deg:) er altfor lenge siden!

Nå er det siste innspurten for exam imorgen I fashion... guuud jeg gruer meg, man vet aldri hva Robert Woods finner på :O

by the way! Hørt om Johan Glans?? en svensk komiker. MÅ SEES!

February 4, 2009

Never eat at Grand Central

New York er jo kjent for å väre omringet av rotter, altså mye rotter, man ser dem jo overalt egentlig. Altså kanskje ikke overalt, men subwayen iallefall.
Uansett, Grand Central er en veldig vakker bygning som alle vet, men inne i, når ingen er der, på natten når alle delis er stengt og food coutr'en har stengt for kvelden.... da kommer alle rottene frem, og det er ikke få heller.. de kryr på bord og stoler og absolutt overalt hvor de kan finne den minste lille matbit eller noe annet spennende som rotter liker(hva vet jeg?)... Så tenk igjen om du har tenkt å kjöpe en liten matbit på Grand Central eller ta innkjöp av frukt og grönt der, det ville ikke jeg gjort....
Source: Nyhetene.

February 3, 2009

Le souk

Swedish gathering på Le souk: med helt nydelig middag, med masse krydder, topp service, og rolig atmosfære med herlig lounge musikk... Great success:)

speaking of which...

C og jeg tok oss en tur på natural history museum på upper west fredag ettermiddag, fant ut det er jo her en natt på museet med ben stiller o robin williams er spilt inn, så jeg var ganske redd for at dyrene skulle våkne til live og bare løpe villt omkring, men vi var heldige:) 
Er et virkelig spennende museum som er verdt å ta en tur innom, tenkte faktisk at vi må tilbake snart for er så utrolig mye mer vi ikke fikk tid til å se på! ...random photos