January 31, 2010

Viva La Cam-Weekend


What not to do

"What could go wrong when opening a wine bottle" ...This could actually happen to anyone...


 Dream home? Oh yes. This is from Ralph Lauren Madison Ave store. I always feel at home when I'm there, this is how I want my home to be in the future. At least, the same style, but maybe more "white"

Inspiration from Ralph Lauren - It's romantic, it's classic, and lasts for a life time.

January 28, 2010

Cam Cam Cam

Cam is coming tomorrow, and I am soo looking forward to it! We're going to have so much fun!



Sherlock Holmes - not recommendable, at all. It was like CSI but retelling the "brilliant" story in a failed and not very successful perspective. But, good use of the camera of the angles and action.

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs - Genious movie, funny, and bizarre. But does it make you hungry? No.

Snabba Cash - Haven't seen it yet, because it is full full full at the theatre, which makes me wanna see it even more. Check out the Trailer.

Death Race - Statham more muscly than ever. However, no good story, only good simple action, and it works. If you're not expecting very much.


Feeling gray, white and dull this winter? Light it up with Crest White Strips, your teeth gets whiter after 3 days. My dentist has told me that has not hurt me teeth at all, so don't be afraid:) I would recommend trying Premium the first time, and maybe upgrade to Premium Plus the next time you do it. So go ahead and try it, if you haven't already.

Everybody say smile!

YOU can die... if you continue with this

What kind of shampoo are you using? Does it contain sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) ? It probably does. This is not good for you at all; it dries out your skin, and not least your hair. This is the same thing that is used in washing detergent to make the bubbles... (...Like Zalo, and Yes, for you scandinavians...) this is what makes your hands dry after you've finished the dishes.

PLEASE, stop this. Find an SLS-free shampoo.

These are my favorites: Bed Head Superstar and Burts Bees Shampoo (different types)

PS: This is in toothpaste too, check it, it can in long term give you poor teeth. I know Zendium is SLS free.

AND, even though you aren't noticing any irritating or dryness, doesn't matter, cause in the long term it will make you less healthy, and less hydrated.

January 23, 2010

Dinner and wine with Nicky Boy tonight :) It's been too long!

One hell of a good night i New York with Nicky Boy in 2008! one of those late nights in meatpacking...

January 15, 2010

MUST HAVE - A collection of my personal necessities

1. For Lips: Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden
No words needed, it speaks for itself... Especially this cute little original box, limited edition.

2. Rouge:  Powder Blush: 15 Orchid Rose & 53 Turbulent, Chanel
Can't be measured with anything else, anyone who has tried it knows what I mean. 53 Turbulent, flashing fuschia is also cool, but Orchid Rose is more discrete.

3. Eyeliner:  Artliner, Lancome (putting it on has never been easier...)

4. Foundation: Bare Minerals, ID (this is very individual, but for my skin it works perfectly)

5. Concealer:  Touche d'eclat, YSL
The best...

6. Lipstick:  Rouge Allure 14 Passion, Chanel
Dazzling red, stays on for a longer time and is not too much either...

When it comes to Mascaras I'm not really sure whats my favorite, at least not Chanel... Perhaps Lancome or Dior's.
Avoid Chanel mascaras, 4 eye shadows

Nailpolish however: YSL and L'oreal have the best ones and longest lasting... HOWEVER, Chanel has the freshest colors, but doesn't stick as long as I would like.

And Lipgloss, I've lost counting Estee Lauder is pretty good, and I like ModelCo
Everyone that's not too hung up pricy-pricy haircut prices should definitely go to Klippoteket i Göteborg. 2 for 1. All I needed was a hair cut - they made me happy..
For what its worth, I am actually much more satisfied with this 225 SEK hair cut than the 495 SEK that I got last time...

Nooow, what should I do tonight. The plan was actually to make homemade pizza and play Finansspelet with A and C, but rein check there. However, Morten Kolek, my beloved Drammen's friend is i Göteborg, maybe a beer with him and catch up and talk about the good old days....

Martin, Linn & Morten on a good day! 
Its the last day of the weak week, and I am sooo ready for weekend! After work I am going with my colleague to a 2 for 1 haircut (hope its good) ... I just hate paying 400-500 SEK for a haircut, so let's try something new!

Had plans to see the new movie Snabba Cash, (see trailer) but its full on the movies throughout the whole weekend, mabye next weekend? 

Army Training KILLS

I just found my new work out method which actually kills! ....In a good way.
ARMY TRAINING, on Sportlife, is just horrible, I must have had max pulse more than 10 times in an hour. Its interval x 10, pushups with a twist, and everything else with a twist...

Its now almost 48 hours since I was at army training, and I still have trouble moving in a normal way!

Can't wait till next wednesday!

January 12, 2010

"We make our own fortune, and then we call it fate"
Gossip girl

January 11, 2010

My UGGS were stolen at Sportlife, where I work out... This girl that I am accusing for taking them obviously had some lookalike-uggs-but-with-no-sheepfur-but-only-fake-synthethic-300kr-uggs in the same sz as me , so she decided to take mine instead... Well, I want new Uggs!

January 9, 2010

Kitchen Dilemma !

Source: Allabeslag.se

I am looking for knobs for the cabinets in the kitchen, which one could believe to be a little easier than what we're actually making out of it.... But, it's important to choose the right ones, afterall I'm hopefully going to spend some time in the kitchen....  What do you think?

Viva la Bows

This sweater is definitely on my wish list - from Romeo & Juliet Couture

Some photos from Aug - Rhodos 09

...We try to match each other the best we can with glasses

....Help me, I' m trapped, and can't really see the open door..

I miss the sun, I miss Celcius +. Right now it's about -11 C in Göteborg, so I will not be stepping out of the apartment untill I really really need to, but that just gives me time to do things that needs to be taken care of...

By the way, my new years resolution(s) is: cycle to work 4/5 days (some times the weather is quite a challenge, not often, but the last couple of days for instance has been) AND work out 4 times at Sportlife per week. So far I am doing just fine, except for thursday and friday when I took the bus .... But I'm not worried, I will soon, with a little bit of patience, be fit, like I used to be... Next up, Body Combat at Sportlife tomorrow at 11:30.

January 5, 2010

"Once you stop striving for perfection, you might as well die."
- Christian Troy

I Miss You

Min Elisabeth :)

Moving into 2010

New Years in Göteborg with a great bunch of people

Mitt nyttårskyss <3

more redecorating

I just have to show you these beautiful cushions! hand made in england! This lady makes several different patterns, my favorite however is the Union Jack :) If you want to know more, I'll give you her contacts...

And this is the wallpaper I was longing for at the kitchen, it will perfectly match the "ståt vit" kitchen ... Yes, it will.

Something in the style of this one...

ståt vit kök picture from www.familjeliv.se