January 15, 2010

MUST HAVE - A collection of my personal necessities

1. For Lips: Eight Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden
No words needed, it speaks for itself... Especially this cute little original box, limited edition.

2. Rouge:  Powder Blush: 15 Orchid Rose & 53 Turbulent, Chanel
Can't be measured with anything else, anyone who has tried it knows what I mean. 53 Turbulent, flashing fuschia is also cool, but Orchid Rose is more discrete.

3. Eyeliner:  Artliner, Lancome (putting it on has never been easier...)

4. Foundation: Bare Minerals, ID (this is very individual, but for my skin it works perfectly)

5. Concealer:  Touche d'eclat, YSL
The best...

6. Lipstick:  Rouge Allure 14 Passion, Chanel
Dazzling red, stays on for a longer time and is not too much either...

When it comes to Mascaras I'm not really sure whats my favorite, at least not Chanel... Perhaps Lancome or Dior's.
Avoid Chanel mascaras, 4 eye shadows

Nailpolish however: YSL and L'oreal have the best ones and longest lasting... HOWEVER, Chanel has the freshest colors, but doesn't stick as long as I would like.

And Lipgloss, I've lost counting Estee Lauder is pretty good, and I like ModelCo

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