March 29, 2009




Babysitting in Gramercy

I've finally gotten an extra job babysitting for the cutest little girl, Alice:) She is only 1 year old and so easy to take care of. The world's cutest! So that's how I'm going to spend my saturday nights from now on... kidding. Actually, I don't know? Maybe.
Anyway, after her parents comes home in about an hour or two, I'm meeting my friends at Big Easy, the college bar. Only a few beers though, I have to be set to move and clean in the apartment tomorrow... only a few days till i'm officially moving to the new place... Look out!!

Helen and Linn out rocking... or something something...

March 20, 2009

Does it affect you?

It seems as though everywhere I look, the recession is already there... 
We were in the East Willage today, at the Juicy store, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, and all of them had these outrageous sales, in they weren't only on winter items. But for instance, if you spend $300 at the Ralph Lauren store, you get a discount of $50. It's like only 16% when you think of it, but still... Everyone is deep under... 

Change of Plans..

For some reason, we couldn't cancel our lease on the apartment, so I am now subletting it at least for three months. I think we may have found our sublet-girl! She's Italian and so sweet!
Christopher and I have found a really nice apartment by the L train, perfect location:) And we are moving in in the beginning of April.... 

I am now doing my last semester on Berkeley, and have decided to go home. I have been so lucky to have reopened my admission at the University in Agder and they will transfer credits from Berkeley. So, If I am lucky I might be finished with my Bachelor this summer, or winter... So then it maybe Kristiansand for a semester:) 

March 9, 2009

My birthday

Friday was way over expectations! Other than that the day started with an accounting exam, then an essay due in a liberal arts, I went home to sleep for a few hours. Afterall I had only gotten about 4 hourse sleep because of the accounting.. 

Later, cecilie had bought champagne, strawberries and hot chocolate... Mmmm... Tastes delissshh! Thank you cecilie, you are soo sweet!

We celebrated my birthday at tacu tacu in williamsburg. And the plan was to go to meatpacking after, but we stayed in williamsburg at royal oak and had a blast!! I love this photo of everyone, it's so authentic. please don't be mad at me for putting it out there....
I got the most tasty "flamberte" bananas and ice cream while the others sang happy birthday ... wee... my day :) 

New York, New York...

It is inevitable not to love new york. It has something that just captures you, and you find the city amazing. And it is amazing. It's like a big meltingpot of people, and it impossible to avoid noticing the strangeness that is going on, and which everyday is interrupting your routine.

However, there is a lot of poverty here that tourists don't get the chance to observe. If you get sick, you are very lucky if someone cares and comes over to help you. No one cares here, and the pollution is extreme. When it comes to pollution absolutely no one cares. Being about 8 million inhabitants, it is hard to take the first step to change... 
We have now let go of our greenpoint apartment  and is moving out soon, and I am also changing schools from June and onwards. Perhaps to something in Europe, Belgium, Switzerland, I don't know yet. What I do know, is that it's not worth living here during the recession on a ok school and paying to much in tuition fee. International students are not very welcome here, neither when it comes to renting an apartment nor signing a cellphone plan. 

I am very keen on going home, or closer to home, to a business school in eastern europe for the fall semester. To complete my bachelor degree there and later begin with my master. Somewhere near the mountains, fresh air and near the sea... Maybe I am not the city girl I thought I was? Maybe New York is too grand for me...
But I do Love You New York ...

March 5, 2009

"Nothing feels right when I'm not with you. Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choo's. Taking them of cause I feel a fool. Trying to dress up when I'm not with you.

...With nothing but your t-shirt on"

Fuck recession

To make a long story short, I might have to change school, move out of the apartment and maybe move in to financial district. Our landlord is crazy and wants more money than what's it the contract, and in addition, we're not allowed to have guests or sleepovers. Absurd!! Crazy man!! we are moving out, and helen is moving home :( I am going to miss her so much!!

Bceuase of the heavy inflation, I have to change school or get a huge scholarship from somewhere because the tuition fee has gone up about 10000 NOK per semester, that's 30 000 NOK per year ... Seems like my money isn't worth anything, nor will the school give any scholarship because I am an international student. Actually, it seems as though no school here support int students, but they give the new yorkers free tuition. Stupid, stupid, stupid...!

But, I might be moving in with Mr.lover soon in financial district :) but he's also looking for another school, and with no support he might be going home aswell. But that won't happen.... (I hope)

March 3, 2009

Williamsburg -club hopping

Don't you just love a spontaneous saturday...
Brooklyn Brewery opens their brewery in the weekends for the public. On fridays at 6pm-11pm and saturdays, noon-6pm. We went there at around 4 with some friends for a couple of fresh brooklyn ale at reasonable prices. Great athmosphere, great crowd, and smells like beer all over, except for the bathrooms, stay out. 
After they closed at the brewery we went on to a place called Charleston at bedford ave, L stop. Looks like a trashy rock bar, but very cozy, and with every purchase, you get a free pizza (its even a good pizza) mmm.. We sat there for a while playing poker, eating pizza and drinking beer for some hours. 

I looked at the clock around 9, still early... Our third bar for the night, next stop royal oak at N 11. I heard from Cecilie that this place was suppose to be great. We arrived very early but time went by quickly and the bar filled up with loads of young hip people. 
And then... we danced the night away... <3