April 30, 2011


Coral Nailpolish & Vintage Bracelet

April 29, 2011

Where did you buy your dish brush?

Yes, this dishing brush from STALA is made of real horse hair and lasts for 1-2 years. Do you think it's worth €10? Imagine all the brushes you buy for €1 and how long they last. 

Let me tell you in a year if it's worth it, we got it yesterday as a gift and I am truly impressed. I actually have no doubt what so ever. 


April 27, 2011

25 Dagars Utmaning!

25 days challenge! Why not? 

I keep telling myself to exercise more, eat more healthier, skip the coffee, so why not make the most out of it for 25 days? 

I got the inspiration from here, and here

The official day is May 3rd, until May 28th.

Let's do it together! Are you with me - individual goals, our own challenge, it's always easier supporting each other when it gets tough, which it most likely will be!

My main focuses will be on the work out itself - 5 days a week, with two days of rest, and in between bicycling 5 days a week for 2x20 min.

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - S-Core
Wednesday - BodyBalance 
Thursday - BodyCombat
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Zumba Fitness
Sunday - BodyPump

+ 200 min bicycling per week, to and from work. 

A lot of: fish and meat, cottage cheese, herbalife shakes, vegetables and fruit!

NO: refined suger, white flour, coffee or black tea. 

No food after 20 pm at night.

måndag - Vila
tisdag – S-Core
onsdag - BodyBalance
torsdag – BodyCombat
fredag – Vila
lördag – Zumba Fitness
söndag – BodyPump 
+ 200 min cykel per vecka, till och från jobbet.

Mycket: fisk och kött, cottage cheese, herbalife shakes, grönsaker och frukt!

Inget: raffinerat socker, vitt mjöl, kaffe, svart te,

Ingen mat efter kl 20 på kvällen

Catch of the weekend

I told you earlier my child hood home is about to go on the market soon, so this weekend was all about cleansing and cleansing! 

And as always, there are always forgotten things in the wardrobe, like these three scarfs that I found, couldn't be more pleased. I also found a gorgeous vintage DKNY pencil skirt in camel that my mom used back in the days, yes please :) 
"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between."
Oscar Wilde

April 26, 2011

Watch Out

... I started eBaying again - and I am looking for some cool watches and ended up finding some awesome ones from Marc Jacobs.

A really good eBay seller is dealsdealsdeals

Or this one from another eBay seller. 
But also this one from this eBay seller. 

April 23, 2011

Inspiration from ELLE Denmark

This is exactly how I want to summer and spring to be - colorful! 

Happy Easter everyone!
I am currently helping my parents move out of my child hood home. Its toss, and keep, and toss and keep - and a lot of memories!

Elle Denmark

April 20, 2011

Boutiques are highly addictive!

I just died and went to heaven! This is the ultimate "shopping" mekka, and I can't think of a simple thing that's missing from the site. 

It's like "add to your basket" but more "add to your very own boutique". 

It's a place to build your own style, your own colors and silhouettes. 

Warning: It's very addictive!

If you like my boutique, follow me here ;)


April 19, 2011

Timeless style - Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Big sunglasses, capri pants, ballerina flats, headbands, Chanel suit and trench coats... 


April 17, 2011

Shoe Bargain from Weekday

Gorgeous Tygpumps from Weekday.

"The best color in the whole world
 is the one that looks good on you"
Coco Chanel

For all the girls that are out bicycling

I am one of those that bicycle to work everyday, and every other places - as I simply love to bicycle!It's not easy being a pretty girl on a bicycle, and ever since I started to wear a helmet, I am afraid to bicycle without the helmet. However, I did find two clever ways of how to not mess up our hair, and at the same time look pretty biking!

I am truly fascinated by these helmets! 

It's a helmet with a hat!

You find it here, from Yakkay.

Another great option for you non-hat people that are embarrassed to wear helmets, why not wear a helmet that is invisible.

As you see, it's a black "scarf", and if something was about to happen the airbag would fold out, as you see in the video below. This if from the swedish company Hövding, and they are not yet available for purchase, but you can pre-book them here.

When this is out, I am definitely investing in a new helmet-airbag!


April 16, 2011

Dulce De Leche

I love Dulce De Leche, 

I bought this one in Spain last week, haven't tasted it for many years, but the taste was still the same, delicious 

April 14, 2011

Did you think you knew it all?

I have to recommend a book: Nomad by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. 

It has opened my eyes to the world we live in; the different cultures trying to live together as a kind of a new New York, but unintentionally expecting it to work without hard work and strategy. Europe is naive, and this woman, Ayaan, is so brave for telling her story. Imagine if every immigrant was like her, the world would probably be a better place? 

I hope that every prime minister, government, president, senator or minister in Europe reads this book and absorbs its content. 

I read it in Norwegian, but I am sure it has been translated into your languages as well. If you're going to read one book this year, let it be this one. You can buy it on Amazon, as I am considering buying it myself (i simply borrowed it).

8 days of celibacy

The 8 days without facebook, twitter, my iphone, or even wi-fi has come to an end!

Now I am finally back, and (unfortunately) away from the sun and the beaches. We've had beautiful weather with strong sun, bicycling around Gran Canaria, and simply enjoying life. It has been wonderful! 
Dress from H&M, Wedges from Massimo Dutti and belt from Ralph Lauren.

April 5, 2011

"Some women choose to follow men, and some women
 choose to follow their dreams.
If you're wondering which way to go,
remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it 
doesn't love you anymore."
Lady Gaga

Vacation with my favorite men!

Tomorrow morning I'm going on vacation with my two favorite men, my boyfriend and my father. (The two of them go great together, so hope I'm not going to be the 5th wheel.) 

With me, I'm bringing my Primart bikini, my Pucci scarf and my old Ralph Lauren jeans shorts. Can you guess where I'm going? It's not very exclusive, but it's warm and sunny, and only a 5 hour flight!

Viva Éspana! 

April 3, 2011

eBay dictionary

There are numerous of abbreviations on eBay that makes shopping easier, here are however the most important ones you're going to need: 

NWT - New With Tags
NWOT - New Without Tags
VTG  - Vintage
BIN - Buy it Now
HTF - Hard to Find
LTD - Limited Edition
NIB - New in Box
BNWT - Brand New With Tags
VGC - Very Good Condition

Anyone wondering about anything else when it comes to surfing eBay? 

Best bag bargaining on eBay

After some eBaying I have come across some goodies that i put in my "wish list", and most of them are some really good bargains! All bags are in the writing moment between $99 - $800. 
Now, over to the bags I found this sunday...
Would you like a beige Chanel quilted lambskin purse? a Black Guccisima handbag? A Classic Louis Vuitton Noe Monogram? a Michael Kors Ursula bag? A vintage Dior Bowling bag or a Chloé tote? Or perhaps a black Mulberry weekend bag? ...Simply follow the links.

When eBaying, Always remember:  
1. Check the sellers feedback thoroughly, and ctrl+f for important comments (reliable, fake, authentic, slow, genuine, quick, great, etc...) 
2. Check the percentage feedback for the seller, should be at least 99% 
3. How many items have the seller sold? Look for for stars, Top-Rated sellers, or a ME page. 
4. The shipping rate is crucial. Did you buy the item for $1 and you thought you got lucky? Let's hope the shipping cost isn't $100 
5. Even if the seller haven't stated a rate for international shipping you can always ask the seller for how much it would be for shipping to your country, 9 out of 10 times they agree 
6. Always pay via PayPal, then you are always insured for anything unpredictable of an item received which was not as described. In that case you will always get your money back. If the seller is only offering Western Union etc, walk away!  
7. Happy bidding! 



Marc Jacobs 

Michael Kors




How New Yorkers see New York

April 2, 2011

Ready for Hang Over - Part 2?

Now over to the big question, when is memorial day? I hope it's soon as I am really looking forward to seeing it.

April 1, 2011

Now: Change Eyeliner to Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner

For many years I have always found the Artliner from Lancome the best wet/liquid eyeliner, but that was until this little cuty showed up on the market.

Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner: it has an easy brush which easily gives smooth results, and the best part is that it has a refill. Whenever it gets empty, you simply buy the refill instead (Which is half the price of the actual eyeliner). Think of the first buy as an investment! Buy it here.

Everything you're going to need in the future is this little refill.