April 17, 2011

For all the girls that are out bicycling

I am one of those that bicycle to work everyday, and every other places - as I simply love to bicycle!It's not easy being a pretty girl on a bicycle, and ever since I started to wear a helmet, I am afraid to bicycle without the helmet. However, I did find two clever ways of how to not mess up our hair, and at the same time look pretty biking!

I am truly fascinated by these helmets! 

It's a helmet with a hat!

You find it here, from Yakkay.

Another great option for you non-hat people that are embarrassed to wear helmets, why not wear a helmet that is invisible.

As you see, it's a black "scarf", and if something was about to happen the airbag would fold out, as you see in the video below. This if from the swedish company Hövding, and they are not yet available for purchase, but you can pre-book them here.

When this is out, I am definitely investing in a new helmet-airbag!


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