March 31, 2011

Going mittbena!

Mittbena, or midtskill... or whatever it's called. I see people everywhere and makes me think: I want it too! So I did it, and it looks good!  ...but you can't see it yet!

I tried to find the english word for mittbena with a little help of google translate, but not this time obviously.. "My Legs" ?

Not excactly what I was looking for? 


I want to recommend a good red wine, a Bourgogne red wine, Couvent des Jacobins. Mmmm, mums.


Shapes! If you aint got it, give it a go!

Do you want to enhance your shapes and figure? Do it with a waist bikini. My new bikini this summer is going to be a waist bikini - from where? what color? I don't know yet, but something 50s.

By the way, check out the bottom swimsuit from Red Carter, if that's not a hot swimsuit - I have no idea. 

Look out for Red Carter, a "new" bikini/swimsuit brand!

1. Asos, 2. Basta Surf, 3. Diane Von Furstenberg, 4. River Island,
5. Rodarte, 6. Tori Praver, 7. Red Carter 


March 30, 2011

The new summertime hit

I bet you big time that this is going to be a summer hit 2011!

March 29, 2011

You become what you train

I often go the gym to different classes that Les Mills have, or Powerstrip, Bootywalk, Kettlebells and so on. 

But I do avoid going to classes that I know have obese instructors. Why? I will tell you why. This instructor is supposed to be trained and be an expert in this certain field, therefore: be tight and fit. So if I go to classes with overweight instructors, like I did with Zumba once, I think to myself: Is this not working? Will my stomach still be as big as his stomach? ...Yes, Probably, I think...

So I avoid going there, and pick my instructors carefully, because I want to look like them, and not the others that I talked about earlier. 

Whom would you rather train with? 

That's what I thought....

Spring Dilemma

Like every year before, I feel that I have no spring jackets, and is therefore in need of a new one. I just sold my beige trenchcoat so perhaps its time to buy a new one? 
However, I also want a quilted jacket, which I have been looking at forever, but just never got my finger out. 

These are a few that I have been staring at: 

From top: Barbour, Flyweight International Quilt Jacket, Barbour, tailor Quilt jacket, Topshop, Quilt jacket, Topshop, Trenchcoat, 

Do you have any tips for where to look - as I haven't really found the perfect, perfect one yet(for the right price I mean) ? 


March 27, 2011

"I've never wanted to be in fashion.
Because if you're in fashion,
you're going to be out of fashion."
Ralph Lauren

March 26, 2011

Olivia Palermo stole my boots!

No she didn't really, but I do L O V E her shoes! and these are now set highest on my wish list for the whole year, maybe next year also...

The Alice Leopard Lace-up boots are from Charlotte Olympia.
Go here, for a real bargain, they have a sale now, unfortunately not on my dearest shoes, but other pumps, for a really good price!


starestyleinc /charlotteolympia-shop

March 24, 2011

"All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women merely players;
they have their exits and their entrances,
and one man in his time plays many parts."
William Shakespeare

Dress of the day

As you probably already knew, I love leopard. This Warehouse one shoulder dress can you find here.

Is it too much? I never want leopard to be too much. The trick is to only wear one piece of leopard and the rest non-patterned. 


March 23, 2011

Hip kitchen with kitchenaid

Man, my kitchen would be perfect if I had one of these in my kitchen! 

The color is fuchsia and purple - don't you love it? 


March 22, 2011

The President does Stand Up

I have to admit, he is actually hilarious. I always sensed that Obama had a sense of humor :) 

Watch it!

Do you love hair bands, Gossip girl, or Blair Waldorf?

I just found this awesome webshop on eBay that sell hair bands/head bands for a reasonable amount of money, from $4 - $15

You find them here or search for the seller iheartu on eBay. 

Below you see a few of my favorites



picture from 1st unique avenue

Herve Leger & Company

Give me spring damn it!

The dress is from Hervé Leger, the Keyhole sunglasses from Ralph Lauren, and the open toe patent pumps from Mango.

I just bought the least expensive one of the top three: the pumps, they were the last ones at Mango Göteborg. Happy Happy!

The dress is next on my wish list ;)

March 21, 2011

Beach 2011 - Getting ready with Herbalife & Vitamins

It's always coming so much quicker than you think, and therefore it's important to get ahead.
I have my daily routine with bicycling and trips to Sportlife every other day to either, BodyPump, Zumba Fitness, or BodyBalance. My newest favorite is Bootywalk which is actually more fun than sweaty.

I just started with Herbalife shakes. It really helped me 3 years ago, and I reduced my fatpercentage with 5%... Wish me luck!

My Vitamins are from Costco, My C-vitamins 1000mg and my multi vitamins with everything you can imagine. American of course, can't get that here. Everyday I'd be poppin' that pill.

FYI, I'm not looking to loose weight, but only to get more fit ;) Once I turned 24, everything is pointing downwards!

March 20, 2011

Who is Cathrine Heigl's stylist?

...Or does she even have one? I wouldn't have worn this outfit even in 1999. She looks like a bag of potatoes.

1, 2, 3, Pizza!

One yummy pizza with serrano ham, ruccola, danablu cheese, black kalamata olives and as a nice finish, we topped it off with some ruccola. 
It took seriously only 30 minutes to make - so much for fast food...


Mascara addict

I always use about 3 mascaras in the morning; one primer Lancome Cils Booster to get the base, one to get the length Clinique High length Mascara, and one to finish it up with, Max factor False lash effect, which you find here.

This is actually my first Max Factor mascara but I had heard so much great stuff about it, and it is also soo cheap!  you have to try it, it gives both volume and length

Anyway, I would never ever put on mascara without a primer, I would feel so nude, and it's not good for the lashes either, I am at least going to have beautiful lashes for 50 more years.

Kosta Boda & Christian Louboutin (For decoration only)


Dior Balls - Most expensive pumps on eBay

Right now you can find the only pair made of this Dior Ball Pumps on eBay for only 4000 USD. The most expensive pumps on ebay right now. 

What a catch!

...The only balls you need!


Do you still use a razor?

Using a razor just makes your hair grow back even more hard and thick and not least, it's so 1999 using one.  And you probably already knew that, so why continue using one?

I use an epilator, which is awesome, as the hairs coming is tiny, tiny and I think it's also less hair coming out. I use Braun 7781, but this new epilator below, 7280 Braun can also be used in the shower and without the contact in the wall (on my wish list) ... Imagine 40 tweezer pulling out all your hair: amazing isn't it? For all you tweezer addicted eyebrow tweezer out there, this is twice as fun:)

I must say i rarely do wax, it's probably because I am so cheap, so I do only do it when I'm New York because it's so cheap there. But waxing is also a good alternative, I can't see and more benefits with it, or downsides, perhaps waxing takes less time, at least if you do it at a salon.

March 19, 2011

Monki - loving the beige tones

Monki, who said it was for alternative people? Not me. Sometimes yes, but I always actually find something there.