March 21, 2011

Beach 2011 - Getting ready with Herbalife & Vitamins

It's always coming so much quicker than you think, and therefore it's important to get ahead.
I have my daily routine with bicycling and trips to Sportlife every other day to either, BodyPump, Zumba Fitness, or BodyBalance. My newest favorite is Bootywalk which is actually more fun than sweaty.

I just started with Herbalife shakes. It really helped me 3 years ago, and I reduced my fatpercentage with 5%... Wish me luck!

My Vitamins are from Costco, My C-vitamins 1000mg and my multi vitamins with everything you can imagine. American of course, can't get that here. Everyday I'd be poppin' that pill.

FYI, I'm not looking to loose weight, but only to get more fit ;) Once I turned 24, everything is pointing downwards!

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