March 20, 2011

Do you still use a razor?

Using a razor just makes your hair grow back even more hard and thick and not least, it's so 1999 using one.  And you probably already knew that, so why continue using one?

I use an epilator, which is awesome, as the hairs coming is tiny, tiny and I think it's also less hair coming out. I use Braun 7781, but this new epilator below, 7280 Braun can also be used in the shower and without the contact in the wall (on my wish list) ... Imagine 40 tweezer pulling out all your hair: amazing isn't it? For all you tweezer addicted eyebrow tweezer out there, this is twice as fun:)

I must say i rarely do wax, it's probably because I am so cheap, so I do only do it when I'm New York because it's so cheap there. But waxing is also a good alternative, I can't see and more benefits with it, or downsides, perhaps waxing takes less time, at least if you do it at a salon.

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