February 28, 2011

Eat Nuts!

People that eat nuts weigh often less than those that doesn't. It's the combination of proteins, fat and fibers. 

Do as me, I always have a little jar of nuts in my bag, it's perfect when one feels a little hungry. ;) 

pic from: http://www.natur-drogeriet.dk/

The American dream, sorry... The American Nightmare

What can we do about it? Other than raising our eyebrows? What will change?

SEE IT - If you don't already know everything.


Antingen är man brun eller deffad. Bästa är självklart en kombination av detta. Mitt steg på vägen till att få mig att se brunare ut är att fixa tänderna. Är tänderna vitare, ser man ju också brunare ut, vad?

Whitestrips från Crest funkar hur bra som helst! Finns på eBay, eller i USA om det är med convenient.

February 27, 2011

Vilken ska jag välja idag? mörkröd, rödrosa, eller brunrosa? usch... vad smutsig den är.

...Eller kanske min absolut favvo nu 509 ? 

February 26, 2011

I would rather be here....

I am praying... for celsius plus! Within a week everyday will be plus degrees!


February 25, 2011

Flaut å være norsk!

...Hadde ikke Northug vært så %&/(%# usporty hadde det vært noe annet! Flaut! 

Göteborg buss!

I am so annoyed. First, about the bus drivers, secondly, about the bus drivers picking up too many passengers even though the bus is full(and too small) and last, when people go off the bus, the people standing outside waiting to get in keeps pushing in before the other people getting off are out. This would never happen in New York...

The bus driver can't drive, and obviously wasn't specifically trained to be a bus driver but they just threw him in. And yes, I am putting all bus drivers in the same booth here, except for one or two, but, they drive so aggressively I'm afraid we're going to crash every 5 minutes.

Nevertheless, I don't even take the bus that often, may be once a week, so can only imagine the frustration for the everyday passengers.

Yes, the picture is directly related to this article. 

Picture from: www.hallekis.com 

Wedges... Makes me long for spring

From top: 
1. Fendi, 2. Asos, 3. Elli Tahari, 4. Dolce Vita, 5. Topshop

...My favorite is the Fendi's ;)


February 24, 2011

Why do people wear UGG's when it's raining?

Do you not know that these shoes are not rain-able? It's mocca for christ sake. 

Every freakin' day I see young people wearing ugly wet uggs and I find so disgusting. First of all, I would never wear shoes that were damaged like that, and second of all, don't you people have rain boots? 

Rain boots isn't what it used to be, now there are all kinds of excuses to look pretty in nasty weather. 

How about these from Vivienne Westwood?

...By the way, these are not my Uggs, because I would never destroy them like that. 

Ugg pic from: http://stephanie-nguyen.blogspot.com/

February 22, 2011

Go to the corner...

La Esquina... 

Wonderful place at 106 Kenmare Street.

La Esquina picture from http://intuitnyc.blogspot.com/


This summer a very close friend of mine is getting married, and the big question is: what to wear? There are so many rules...

I'm thinking maxi dress? ...or flowery? (but haven't seen anyone that I like...)

From top: 1. Chloe, 2. River Island, 3. Vero Moda


Wonderful Williamsburg

If you happen to be in Greenpoint/Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Go to Bar Matchless at the end of Manhattan Avenue.

On a tuesday!

February 20, 2011

Finns det en Kinesisk Restaurang som är med i Michelin Guiden?

...Inte vad jag vet.

Har du hört talas om någon lyx kinesisk restaurang? Det har inte jag...

Och varför är det så?

Enough said...

Pillow from H&M Home

Must have.... But my boyfriend would never like it. Nevertheless, what's comprising for?? 


February 19, 2011

Spring Jacket?


Leather jacket?

Long Blazer ?

From top: 
1. Mango, 2. Marlene Birger, 3. Mango, 4. Full Circle, 5. Acne, 6. Vero Moda, 7. Mango

February 18, 2011

Britney's new official video

I can't see her stand-in (..that they put in because Britney apparently can't dance anymore)

What do you think? Jonas Åkerlund is the man that made it, duktig pojke!

February 17, 2011


Hade inte väntat snö då jag cyklade till jobbet igår! När ska detta ta slut??

Jag vill ha vår! - eller plussgrader! Vad än som kommer först.

One shoulder dresses

Whatever occasion, one shoulder dresses are mostly a hit.
I want a new one for spring.

1. Alice & Olivia
2. Rare Fashion (nelly.se)
3. Jeane Blush (nelly.se)
4. TFNC (Asos.com)


MUST HAVE kilklack !

Miss KG Cairo, finns på asos.com

Skit snygga!!


February 16, 2011

A film that will move you...

...Or a film you will laugh your way through...

Depends on the mood! Have fun!

The pillow says it all

Finns det nåt bättre sätt att säga det på?
Finns på Kitson.


February 15, 2011

Jag gillar inte FIKA

Conceptet fika....
En ursäkt för att ta ledigt en kvart och dricka kaffe och äta nån kaka? NEJ TACK. Jag gör heller nåt annat.

Jag har aldrig druckit kaffe (inte regelbundet)
Jag äter sällan tårta/kakor/bullar, inte så förtjust i det söta.(förutom semlor...)

Men här i Sverige äter man sött hela tiden. Sött bröd och så vidare. Det är kanske för att jag har växt upp i Norge, och min svenska mamma aldrig införde den "traditionen" i våran familj. (Tack mamma) Jag kommer heller inte införa det vidare i nästa generation!

Jag gillar alltså inte att fika, själva meningen med fikandet.

For Lips: Eight Hour Cream or Carmex?

They both last for a really long time.
They can both be used everywhere and all other places.

Carmex is cheaper than Eight Hour.
Eight Hour has its own smell, while Carmex smells more mint and refreshing. 
Eight Hour is prettier.

Carmex win, 
although I always have an Eight Hour in my bag when I go out ;)

My new everyday favorite: Kanebo, Sensai

I've always liked Sensai from Kanebo, but never tried the Mud Soap Wash/Mask.

I use this everyday to wash my face, but once or twice a week I also use it as a mask and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. The feeling is great ;) Kanebo never fails for the face!

"I'm beautiful in my way, because God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, Baby, I was born this way!"
Lady Gaga

February 13, 2011

If you aint got it, fake it, and if you got too much of it, flaunt it!

What every girl needs (and should want) ... a shaper!

If it's your tummy, your arms, your big butt,  your small butt,whatever. A shaper can fix this!

Be sure to buy a smaller size than regular: If you're a large, buy a medium.

A tips is to buy at eBay, search for shapers, shape wear, shaper, thigh slimmer, tummy slimmer, etc

I were to buy mine on eBay, but then I found a tummy slimmer on Century 21 for 6 USD

Here are a few that would enhance the figure of most women, the top one from Victorias secret, and the bottom ones from Spanx.