February 25, 2011

Göteborg buss!

I am so annoyed. First, about the bus drivers, secondly, about the bus drivers picking up too many passengers even though the bus is full(and too small) and last, when people go off the bus, the people standing outside waiting to get in keeps pushing in before the other people getting off are out. This would never happen in New York...

The bus driver can't drive, and obviously wasn't specifically trained to be a bus driver but they just threw him in. And yes, I am putting all bus drivers in the same booth here, except for one or two, but, they drive so aggressively I'm afraid we're going to crash every 5 minutes.

Nevertheless, I don't even take the bus that often, may be once a week, so can only imagine the frustration for the everyday passengers.

Yes, the picture is directly related to this article. 

Picture from: www.hallekis.com 

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