October 17, 2009


A lot have happened the last months; I have moved to Göteborg, bought my first apartment, and have started in a new job in finance and fx-spot market.

We just started redecorating the place, and it's a lot more work than anticipated, but it's fun fixing and working with the apartment. At the moment we're putting in a new floor in the bedroom, new wallpapers in every single room, and lastly a whole new kitchen. It's gonna cost, but it's worth it!

The hall
The bedroom

And tomorrow we're going wood floor shopping!!

July 19, 2009


I miss my boyfriend , and I miss my friends so much. I have never in my entire life been so asocial in such amount of time. It feels like I am stuck here, and time stands still. Its gray outside, and the rain keeps falling down from time to time, often several times a day… Where is the sun? Damn weather forecasters…

PS: I have no numbers in my NOR-sim card – call me. I still have the same number! That goes for you too Miami girl

Flickan som lekte med elden

After reading the most exciting book of my entire 22-year old life – which ends with even more curiosity and even more questions that I need answers to. How could it end like that! The most thrilling part…

I cant wait for the next and third part of this trilogy – ”Stieg Larsson – Luftslottet som sprängdes. ”

You may think I’ve had a dull summer, and you may be right. In the last days of June I finished ”Män som hatar kvinnor” – and now I just finished the second part ”Flickan som lekte med elden”. However, what really bugs me is that I want the last book and you cant get it here – because I am in the middle of nowhere, and I would guess that they don’t have it in the original language, which is a necessity.

I’m afraid I would have to wait 9 more days until I get to Göteborg. I am seriously counting the days.

…In this godforsaken land I am in..

July 14, 2009

What to do

After 3 years I finally have a BBA. Now what to do?

This year, I want to travel, learn a new language, a get a job relevant to my education.

I know this, I dont want to live in Norway, and I am not starting on a masters degree, at least not this year.

Paris is tempting.... Brussel.... Göteborg, a trip to New York, and maybe a sunny vacation on a Greek Island...

I want to do it all.

Parlez vous Francais ? Oui, Oui....

July 12, 2009

July 12th - still living the simple life

The most sweetest friend of mine, Ida Christine, came to visit at Lofoten today. Havent seen her in too long, which we decided to change from nowon! I am seeing you soon IDA!!

The weather today was "real summer temperature", it was even so hot that Ida and me decided to go for a swim in the sea. Which I assume was about 10-12 C. REFRESHING!! It was bitter cold, but nice to cool off in the sun... And now I have checked that on my list of things to do here.
"When you want to finish of with something wise, there is always someone that has already said it better."

Living the simple life - in Lofoten Islands

I’m sorry i haven’t updated my blog; it’s been too long. Almost a month!

I have now left New York, and is currently in the north of the far north of Norway, working at a camping site for my father, so I’m staying here till the end of July. The last couple of weeks in NY were all too busy, and stressful, with work, exams and packing everything. By the way, I had to pay overweight when flying home, fucking unnecessary $ 85.

Well, I know my blog was suppose to be about New York, and whatever the surroundings, but that chapter is done, finito. However, my plan is to continue updating on my blog, pretty much stuff about me, and my super exciting life, and what in it that inspires me.

Nevertheless, right now, my location is Lofoten Islands, Norway. It’s the most beautiful place on earth; surrounded by big and divine mountains, white beaches and green sea.
How tremendous this might sound, its exceptionally boring (from time to time), and I’m not a big complainer.

It’s not that it’s so horrible; it’s just that I’m in the middle of nowhere, and few friends here, and did I mention no Internet? I have to bicycle 4 km to the library where they have broadband… I really miss my blackberry :(

BUT, there are loads of interesting people here from over 30 nationalities, and yesterday, one of our guests was a 70 year old Schweitzer-man which had been bicycling all the way from Switzerland to Lofoten, which I would presume is about 40 000 km maybe? IMPRESSING.

June 18, 2009

Cirque du Soleil

KOOZÅ was fantastic! Spectacular! I have never in my life seen anything like this! Sorry, couldnt take any pictures inside, but its definitely worth going to the show!!
Also, it was the 25 year anniversary, so we all got clown noses to put on at the end of the show :P

May 25, 2009

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages."
William Shakespeare

May 24, 2009

Steamy New York

Last night was one of those nights...
Bemelmans Bar first out, a great place to relax with live classic music, but boring, we needed some more, so we headed to Apotheke which was crowded, but great! and hot...
We finished the lovely summer night with a after party in East Village at a rooftop just listening to music and dancing the night away :))

...I guess it was the atmosphere, the city, and the people! Great Night!!

May 22, 2009

60 minutes with the Queen bee

Anna Wintour about her being a bitch:

"I hope I'm not , I try not to be, but I like people who represent the best of what they do and if that turns you into a perfectionist, then maybe I am."
Anna Wintour

May 21, 2009

French Sole

For long now, I have been searching for the perfect ballet flats. I have this picture in my head, but can't seem to find them anywhere I go! And, since I threw my old favorites I am in desperate need of some new one! What is a girl without here shoes...?

Anyway, while strolling around at upper east side I saw a boutique with all the ballet flats you can dream of! It's a tiny store, but obviously they are huge, and sell all over the world. They're called fs/ny or french sole NY and are located at 71st Street at Lexington Ave

May 18, 2009


Is lost gone? Is this it?
I would miss LOST, but, if they decided to continue, I cant seem to come up with where the story would go, or even begin, if you know what I mean?

May 8, 2009

I love it loud!

Yes, looks very cool and expensive right? This is H&Ms Divided exclusive. Coming out soon!
I want! I want!
source: http://www.pause.se/bloggar/Fashion%20Flash/

May 7, 2009

Credit cards in a nutshell...

You guys... you think you are so clever, but really, you are not at all.
Yes it's you I am talking about.

You're the one with -5% savings, maxed all your credit cards, buys an SUV that is especially manufactured for the USA so that it pollutes a bit more than it would do anywhere else in the world. Soon, you will be thrown out of your house, living in the streets or in a tent somewhere.

I don't feel sorry for you, not at all.

And in addition, you take up a sub prime mortgage that you really can't afford because of your bad credit score. Smart, really smart. Didn't you think that this would affect the rest of the world? In a nutshell: it seems as though you don't know what money is. Money is not credit, credit is not money. Credit is money you don't have. Get it? It's probably going to take some time before you realize this, but we will give you time. I guess we have to.

This makes me think of a promotional offer I got on a salon on 5th Ave for a cheap buck. Of course they want us to spend more than the little I had already paid for my hair cut, so the hair dresser nearly forces me to take highlights in my hair, when I say I can't afford it for the third time, she says: "Why don't you just put it on your credit card?" .... WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY. When I can't afford it, I can't afford it.

bye bye shoes

I have now done the mature choice of throwing my silver ballerina flats in the trash! They have been my beloved favorite flats forever! (...well, not forever, that would be kind of disgusting)

They have been part of a lot of fun during their life time... like here, with mr. borat next door.

Now... a moment of silent.

Red Sox vs. Yankees

For the very first time, I watched a baseball match.
It was red sox against the yankees - and man was it boring.
Can they even call it a sport? They just stand there throwing a ball and every
five minute someone gets to run over the field, and you know what?
After he's finished running for 1 round they send in another guy to substitute him. Aren't they in better condition than that?

I'm actually not very surprised, the americans aren't known for being a very athletic
people. Actually, this was the first time I have ever in my life seen a player chewing
bubble gum and making bubbles when he's out on the field. Never have I seen this
before, it was really unprofessional.

Now, this is suppose to be one of USAs sports, and they have to import
Japanese players to survive because the americans aren't good enough?
Good. Great. What's next - you being the reason were in a global economic crisis?

April 24, 2009

Mondo Bongo bongo mongo



est a mucho romantico si...

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in SOHO

This place was so cool and ven bigger than I anticipated. It has a huge gallery(museum) a bar, and a little showroom to play of videos and I believe they have their concerts there too. They served finger food from all over the world, which was deliSH. The desserts was also nice, especially this John Lennon cake (on top) where its a picture of him and his signature, pretty awesome. Some saved this cookie to take home, but me, I ate it:)

Oh, and I almost forgot. That text you see, is Madonnas handwritten lyrics for express yourself. This was actually illegal to take photos of. HAhah
The new Vitamin Water boutique in Soho. This picture is made by bottles only. I am guessing the limonade and the xxx acai ... Who knooows?

Williamsburg waterpark at sunday

This might not be thes bestpictures in the world, but it was such a beautiful sunny day and we decided to go down to the waterpark in Williamsburg. Loads of people, some in bikini, some plyaing some sort of guitar. The mix. Lovely!

You aint Cool if you aint got one of these

C'est la joke.

April 20, 2009


Ok, so I have this thing for Lifebooker where you find the coolest salongs in NY, for very good discounted prices. However, if you go to Chinatown for a foot rub or a back massage you pay nothing and you get full satisfaction for their work! they are soo good!! The other day, at friday I think, we went to 179 Grand Street, crossing Mulberry, or mott, can't remember. Anyway, it was no line, we were three persons and we got treated right away. For 15 min foot massage it costs $12 and they do their job much better than any massage-person I've ever met. This place is def worth checking out. I know others that has been going there for years also, so don't be afraid to check it out. High quality!!


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April 19, 2009

Bklyn Brwry & Union PooL

Friday was a blast! and actually, the beers we're holding are called blast, and they are really good. Try one! Or two ... 

I want you, you, you aaaand... you!

New York International Auto Show at the Convention Center was awesome and I found myself a couple of cars that I would not mind having in my garage at all. So just give it to me ;) Preferably the Gallardo, the Maubach 57 or the super cool Spyker ... I love you guys!  Soon you will be my babies !! Hahah

April 17, 2009

Camilla <3

I miss Camilla!!  She was here for just a short time, too short time ... But we had fun when she was here. Partying in Williamsburg, dinner at SEA, seeing Mike Myers in SoHo... haha 
This photo is from Dec/Jan, and yes, I remember we both decided to wear that sweater that night. So girly.
"In an absolute world, there is always a reason to celebrate"
-Absolute Vodka

Top of the Rock

Christopher's bestis was here for a week during easter, and we did some sightseeing. Very cool, indeed. This is from top of the rock, Rockefeller center. Man, it was cold!!! I remember it like it was yesterday... haha

April 16, 2009

No that good really..

Went to see the "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" the other day, and it is not something I would recommend really. I'm not saying that it was a total waste of time, but it was certainly a very special movie which I didn't either get was it was really about. Other than Sienna Miller being in it, made it a little better. I like her, she is soo pretty

April 9, 2009

viva la bob

Ohh... and one last thing. I cut my hair the other day, and MAN!! I love love love it! Best hairdresser ever. I'll post a photo later, but anyway. It was at Projet F in Soho and his name was Colin. Go there! Obviously another hairdresser there which name is Hector is also suppose to be amazing. Look it up. It's not that expensive either. Especially not if you order on Lifebooker.

Have a good night everyone... I am putting on my dancing shoes ;)

Last 3 months in New York... ENJOY

My last quarter at Berkeley College started at Monday and its going to be a busy 3 months period. I ditched all boring courses, so now I'm doing Organizational Behavior, International Economics, Organizational Theory and Development and the last one: Managing for Change. 
It is going to be a lot of reading, but man, I can do it.

I finally feel like I have my life in the right place now, if that makes sense? No. Well, I feel good. I finally moved out of the apartment and moved in with my boyfriend in Williamsburg, and it feels even better than anticipated...buut we'll see, no, I'm kidding. School feels great, and I am with the people I love. 

No time to fool around, Niclas arrived to NY yesterday, Camilla arrived at Monday and mommi is coming tomorrow. Lunch with Camilla tomorrow, and out in the evening... FUN! Friday is for mommi <3 

Before going to bed, my boyfriend and I is going to Union Pool for a few beers. Two blocks from here! Loving it!

NY aquarium

We didn't get the chance to go the aquarium when we were at coney island the first time, so we went back a couple of days later. The thing I was most excited for was the sharks. I am sooo afraid of sharks :O ...but they were tiny,so... I wasn't scared.

A day at Coney Island

We spent a beautiful sunday at Coney Island. Took about an hour with the subway, but it was worth it. The beach, the fresh air, it was a great day!

March 29, 2009




Babysitting in Gramercy

I've finally gotten an extra job babysitting for the cutest little girl, Alice:) She is only 1 year old and so easy to take care of. The world's cutest! So that's how I'm going to spend my saturday nights from now on... kidding. Actually, I don't know? Maybe.
Anyway, after her parents comes home in about an hour or two, I'm meeting my friends at Big Easy, the college bar. Only a few beers though, I have to be set to move and clean in the apartment tomorrow... only a few days till i'm officially moving to the new place... Look out!!

Helen and Linn out rocking... or something something...