May 7, 2009

Red Sox vs. Yankees

For the very first time, I watched a baseball match.
It was red sox against the yankees - and man was it boring.
Can they even call it a sport? They just stand there throwing a ball and every
five minute someone gets to run over the field, and you know what?
After he's finished running for 1 round they send in another guy to substitute him. Aren't they in better condition than that?

I'm actually not very surprised, the americans aren't known for being a very athletic
people. Actually, this was the first time I have ever in my life seen a player chewing
bubble gum and making bubbles when he's out on the field. Never have I seen this
before, it was really unprofessional.

Now, this is suppose to be one of USAs sports, and they have to import
Japanese players to survive because the americans aren't good enough?
Good. Great. What's next - you being the reason were in a global economic crisis?

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