May 15, 2011

Everyone needs a body shaper

I did some eBaying to fins you some good bargains for Body shapers. All these items are good sellers, have high feedback percentage, and reasonable shipping prices worldwide. 

This tucks in your stomach, butt and ties. Find it  Here.

This covers your bra line as well as the butt, ties and stomach. You find it here.

 This one is the same as above, it just has no strings to hold it up, except for the stretch, which might not be a bad thing. You find it here.
Have a small butt? Use this one to enlarge it, you find it here.

...even men.

Face it, men also need shape wear, especially for their beer stomachs. Just hide it. No one will know! It's not goofy!

This you'll find here.

Happy eBaying!


Kymaro said...

Thanks for pointing out this need. Is it helpful to wear one of these if it tucks in areas of your body that you may find unsavory?

L V said...

Yes! And it's more comfortable than lets say a corset, you simply use it as an underwear. One tip is to choose a size smaller than what you usually have, then it will fit better!