May 13, 2011

Horrible week - Day 11

My 25 days Challenge is not going as planned because of a something I'd like to call force majeure - speaking of me getting a fever and stomach cramps monday evening all the way till today, friday. 

According to my calculations I am only behind one class, and that is BodyCombat, but with a double pass tomorrow - BodyCombat + Zumba, I should be back on track again. 

However, take my advice, do not work out when you're feeling sick, I went to BodyBalance on wednesday and kept thinking that it's just relaxation, but really it's not. I was the one sweating the most in the room! But the others probably thought I had worked out really hard before the class started.

Last but not least, I have still not had any coffee, any refined sugar, not even an ice cream in any flavour!

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