May 6, 2011

Day 4 of 25 Days

Today is day 4 out of my 25 days challenge, and it's resting day, which means only 40 minutes of bicycling, back and to work. On Tuesday I did a 45 min S-Core pass and 30 min Ellipse machine, at Wednesday I was first at a PowerStrip class, then at BodyBalance which was actually more giving, and yesterday I attended the toughest one: BodyCombat. 

The food thing is more challenging that I thought. On day 1 my boyfriend had bought home cookies and the Swedish version of Oreos(which was supposedly soo good) and on Day 2 he brought home a bag of chips with BBQ flavour from Estrella, NO THANKS, I'm not even gonna try it!

Actually, this is so much fun and I feel so inspired, the only hassle is the time put of to go working out, man it takes time! But hopefully it will give results:)

Anyone want to join? It's only 25 days, it's nothing. Choose a topic you'd like to challenge yourself in!

In three weeks I'll look like this girl!


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