May 23, 2011

Why are you doing it?

I've been getting that question a lot about this so called "25 days challenge" of mine

"Are you doing it to loose weight?", "Do you want to be more healthy?", "Why don't you eat cake?"
etc etc...

I tell people that I mainly want to create a routine in my life for training coming natural, hopefully about 4-5 days a week, and that I will naturally say no to cakes, brownies, cheesecake, and not always say yes if I happen to see my favorites on the table. 

As a prize for completing and succeeding my challenge is inevitable, the gift is going to be a new training outfit!

5 more days!

A sports BH from Abecita, model Kimerbly, This one came out best-in-test recently by Iform.

A tank top from Nike, or perhaps Stella McCartney Adidas,

and A long pair of tights from Nike,


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