May 20, 2011

The Black List

There are a few things that disturb me in the manufacturing world,
and in peoples minds, such as...

+ Mini socks that doesn't suit your shoes.
They should be invisible.
That's their purpose. Use them, but be careful.

+ Open toe pumps with no nail polish is forbidden. Nail polish is mandatory for those showing of their toes.

 + Wrong underwear showing through the clothes, need I say more?

+ White pants -
Should only be used between May1st-September 30th
 (in Scandinavia), otherwise it's unappropriate

+ Material clashing - light fabric shoes and top, with heavy weight skirt,bottom.
It just looks ridiculous and not in balance.

+ Bras with plastic straps should not even be sold. 
There are a sort of bra called strapless, or other tapes one can use.
 Technology is a little ahead these days.

+ If you like the Gucci or Louis Vuitton monogram, then buy it in the boutique, do NOT support terrorism, or even plastic bags.

+ Tights are NOT pants. Remember that.


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