December 30, 2011

Never in Scandinavia

No, this magazine writes nothing about how to get fit via regular working out or eating healthy - it's all about nip tucks, going under the knife for numerous reasons and the newest techniques in the plastic world.

Worth mentioning, this New You is from the USA, east coast.

Rocking around the christmas tree

When celebrating christmas on a cruise ship one has to be creative, so I used the corner chair as my tree. Better than no tree huh?

Always a reason to stop by Starbucks

Starbucks in Kiel.

Gewhol - 30 euros or 6 euros?

In Sweden Gehwol is portrayed as an expensive and qualitive brand for footcare. Here (in Sweden) you buy their wonderful products for around 30 euros a piece(or 249 sek), in Germany however, you get the exact same products for around 5.95 euros (50-69 sek)
Yet another reason to purchase brands in their home land - if you don't want to be robbed!!

November 22, 2011

Ice cream experiment

Fläder(Elderberries) sherbet and lingonberries with crackers - After emptying the boxes I would definitely buy Fläder again, it was divine. Lingonberries - not so much.

November 20, 2011

Historical recruitments that went wrong

A swedish commercial by the recruitment agency Poolia - I find this commercial to be so freaking amusing!

November 17, 2011

No TV dinner if you want to stay slim!


I welcome you - Gel Nimbus 13

In my earlier years I always picked the coolest Nike shoes, and when Shox came I was the first to have them. But frankly, Nike isn't all that awesome. Asics however - rock. Not only have I realized that they have some cool models, such as the Gel Nimbus 13. They are like made for my feet! I welcome you Mr. Nimbus 13. 

November 16, 2011

Forget whatever you are using right now

I still have friends that use razors everywhere, which should be avoided, like I've told you already.

But now you can also forget about waxing and regular epilators, try this IPL epilator for permanent hair removal - for consumers! Not for salons!

There are probably more of them on the market than E>One... - this is however high on my christmas wish list!

November 13, 2011

Helena Christensen and Jennifer Aniston's secrets

Work out for 20 minutes a day - research put in to actually shows that it's more achievable and we put more effort into it. Therefore the body uses more strength in to restitute.

You want to borrow my personal trainer? It's awesome for short intens workouts.

It's so saving my work out winter!

All I want for christmas... this this little fabolous Dior bracelet.

November 9, 2011

3 easy goodlooking tips

- wear topcoat above the nailpolish, it lasts longer and is prettier.

- use a heatprotection spray/cream for your hair. It's worth it in the end.

- floss and use toothpicks every day, have some in your bags.

November 7, 2011

My leopard wishing list

One can never have too many leopard stuff, one can only carry too much leopard at once.

(source: harpers bazaar)

November 6, 2011

If you love cashmere, figure enhancing dresses and viscose, go to Valambert

The boutique is situated at Via del Gambero 16, Rome, crossing Via della Vite.

They Mostly have one colored items, in the most soft fabrics, either cashmere or viscose. Beautiful, but calm colora. My absolute favorite boutique in Rome.

I have to have more dresses!
last two pictures from

your watches

Don't hide your watches in a drawer, I've used an old Chanel box to lighten them up a bit. What do you think?

November 4, 2011

Pure love

This dress from Stella McCartney is so hot, even Cartier used in in their ad!

July 4, 2011


I haven't been updating my blog in a while. The reason is I just started a new job, my new cool job, that I love love! Anyway, right now it sucks up nearly all my energy, and the rest of my energy goes to Sportlife, my local gym.  So my I am practically dead at 20.20 every evening. 

I will come back strong, just giving you a heads up. 

So now you now, my summer will consist of working and working out. 

...and Happy 4th of July!

June 25, 2011

Midsummer nights eve

A bit chilly and a whole lot of wind, but whatever, it was still cozy :)

The mandatory sill & potatis
 The mint leaves we found outside the house, for our organic Mojito

June 18, 2011

My favorite shopping places in New York

Contemporary american brands

Contemporary american brands

Forever 2150 W 34th St
Cheap contemporary clothes, shoes and accessories. My favorite lies on 34th street, and in Soho. Beware not the best quality, not like H&M.

Contemporary american brands

American Apparel, Several locations,
Organic cotton with a huge selection.

Henri Bendel712 5th Avenue,
A girly girly boutique in several floors.

Second Hand
Michael´s Consignment Store1041 Madison Ave, btw 79 and 80th Street

Small stores in Soho with an awesome selection from high class designers.

Beacons Closet, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,
Selective and huge second hand store where one can find anything from Chanel to H&M.

Buffalo Exchange, Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn,
Second hand boutique, but also sells new shoes.

What goes around comes around, 351 West Broadway, 

Century 21, The best one is on 21 Cortland Street,
They have an awesome underwear dpt for Calvin Klein, D&G etc, but also for other accessories such as bags, wallet and scarfs from Missoni.

Woodbury Common, New Jersey,
Shopping mecca outside New York. Take the bus in the morning and spend the whole day there. My favorite is the Salvatore Ferragamo and the Gucci Boutique, but there are additional 200 other boutiques there. A MUST.

June 15, 2011

Wedding fun

The beautiful bride!

The bridesmaids, love the dress!

Maxi dress, from XOXO

June 13, 2011

The Old or the New?

Summer fragrance, Bronze Goddess or Azuree Soleil?
I have the old Azuree soleil close to my heart, and I've found it to be my summer fragrance for some years now. This year I've tested the new summer fragrance from Estee Lauder, but is it equally as good?
What do you think?

June 12, 2011

Camilla, The Bride

And today is the big day! Looking out the window I see the sun shining! Better get ready!

June 11, 2011

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry from dear mommy, and a Lux dress from Urban Outfitters

June 9, 2011


With this rain cape from DKNY it can rain as much as it would like! 
It's very convenient, as when the cape is not in use, it has its own bag, so it doesn't take up any space. 

June 8, 2011

Yesterdays Dessert

We spiced up our vanilla ice cream with some
Few drops of lemon

One word: Mmm...

June 5, 2011

...On the country side

...In Utby.
Our local swedish meat, ready to be bbqed

Fresh rhubarb from the garden, before it turned out to be a rhubarb crumble