April 9, 2009

Last 3 months in New York... ENJOY

My last quarter at Berkeley College started at Monday and its going to be a busy 3 months period. I ditched all boring courses, so now I'm doing Organizational Behavior, International Economics, Organizational Theory and Development and the last one: Managing for Change. 
It is going to be a lot of reading, but man, I can do it.

I finally feel like I have my life in the right place now, if that makes sense? No. Well, I feel good. I finally moved out of the apartment and moved in with my boyfriend in Williamsburg, and it feels even better than anticipated...buut we'll see, no, I'm kidding. School feels great, and I am with the people I love. 

No time to fool around, Niclas arrived to NY yesterday, Camilla arrived at Monday and mommi is coming tomorrow. Lunch with Camilla tomorrow, and out in the evening... FUN! Friday is for mommi <3 

Before going to bed, my boyfriend and I is going to Union Pool for a few beers. Two blocks from here! Loving it!

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