March 12, 2011

I love Sweden

I love Sweden!

When I was in primary school in Norway I was always teased for being stupid swede, and all the swedish jokes were always dedicated to me, but what is really a stupid a swede?

Sweden is one of the best fashion countries in the world: whyred, acne, rodebejer, h&m, hope, fifth avenue shoe repair, carin wester and minimarket are a few of the swedish brands blooming! Sometimes I can get more inspired here than walking the streets of New York. The scandinavian fashion and style is the best in the world, and you can see that on most people actually, I can't say that for many other countries.

I am half swedish and half norwegian, but i chose to live in Sweden for the last couple of years for so many reasons: entrepreneur minds, more businessy than the norwegians, and more happier and outgoing!

Its more stable and more benefits to the xonsumer buying a house, renovating, or being more environmental here.

I am not saying I'll live in Sweden forever (because I am anti-winter), but right now, its quite okey :)

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