April 3, 2011

Best bag bargaining on eBay

After some eBaying I have come across some goodies that i put in my "wish list", and most of them are some really good bargains! All bags are in the writing moment between $99 - $800. 
Now, over to the bags I found this sunday...
Would you like a beige Chanel quilted lambskin purse? a Black Guccisima handbag? A Classic Louis Vuitton Noe Monogram? a Michael Kors Ursula bag? A vintage Dior Bowling bag or a Chloé tote? Or perhaps a black Mulberry weekend bag? ...Simply follow the links.

When eBaying, Always remember:  
1. Check the sellers feedback thoroughly, and ctrl+f for important comments (reliable, fake, authentic, slow, genuine, quick, great, etc...) 
2. Check the percentage feedback for the seller, should be at least 99% 
3. How many items have the seller sold? Look for for stars, Top-Rated sellers, or a ME page. 
4. The shipping rate is crucial. Did you buy the item for $1 and you thought you got lucky? Let's hope the shipping cost isn't $100 
5. Even if the seller haven't stated a rate for international shipping you can always ask the seller for how much it would be for shipping to your country, 9 out of 10 times they agree 
6. Always pay via PayPal, then you are always insured for anything unpredictable of an item received which was not as described. In that case you will always get your money back. If the seller is only offering Western Union etc, walk away!  
7. Happy bidding! 



Marc Jacobs 

Michael Kors




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