April 14, 2011

Did you think you knew it all?

I have to recommend a book: Nomad by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. 

It has opened my eyes to the world we live in; the different cultures trying to live together as a kind of a new New York, but unintentionally expecting it to work without hard work and strategy. Europe is naive, and this woman, Ayaan, is so brave for telling her story. Imagine if every immigrant was like her, the world would probably be a better place? 

I hope that every prime minister, government, president, senator or minister in Europe reads this book and absorbs its content. 

I read it in Norwegian, but I am sure it has been translated into your languages as well. If you're going to read one book this year, let it be this one. You can buy it on Amazon, as I am considering buying it myself (i simply borrowed it).

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