March 9, 2009

My birthday

Friday was way over expectations! Other than that the day started with an accounting exam, then an essay due in a liberal arts, I went home to sleep for a few hours. Afterall I had only gotten about 4 hourse sleep because of the accounting.. 

Later, cecilie had bought champagne, strawberries and hot chocolate... Mmmm... Tastes delissshh! Thank you cecilie, you are soo sweet!

We celebrated my birthday at tacu tacu in williamsburg. And the plan was to go to meatpacking after, but we stayed in williamsburg at royal oak and had a blast!! I love this photo of everyone, it's so authentic. please don't be mad at me for putting it out there....
I got the most tasty "flamberte" bananas and ice cream while the others sang happy birthday ... wee... my day :) 

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