March 3, 2009

Williamsburg -club hopping

Don't you just love a spontaneous saturday...
Brooklyn Brewery opens their brewery in the weekends for the public. On fridays at 6pm-11pm and saturdays, noon-6pm. We went there at around 4 with some friends for a couple of fresh brooklyn ale at reasonable prices. Great athmosphere, great crowd, and smells like beer all over, except for the bathrooms, stay out. 
After they closed at the brewery we went on to a place called Charleston at bedford ave, L stop. Looks like a trashy rock bar, but very cozy, and with every purchase, you get a free pizza (its even a good pizza) mmm.. We sat there for a while playing poker, eating pizza and drinking beer for some hours. 

I looked at the clock around 9, still early... Our third bar for the night, next stop royal oak at N 11. I heard from Cecilie that this place was suppose to be great. We arrived very early but time went by quickly and the bar filled up with loads of young hip people. 
And then... we danced the night away... <3 

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