March 5, 2009

Fuck recession

To make a long story short, I might have to change school, move out of the apartment and maybe move in to financial district. Our landlord is crazy and wants more money than what's it the contract, and in addition, we're not allowed to have guests or sleepovers. Absurd!! Crazy man!! we are moving out, and helen is moving home :( I am going to miss her so much!!

Bceuase of the heavy inflation, I have to change school or get a huge scholarship from somewhere because the tuition fee has gone up about 10000 NOK per semester, that's 30 000 NOK per year ... Seems like my money isn't worth anything, nor will the school give any scholarship because I am an international student. Actually, it seems as though no school here support int students, but they give the new yorkers free tuition. Stupid, stupid, stupid...!

But, I might be moving in with Mr.lover soon in financial district :) but he's also looking for another school, and with no support he might be going home aswell. But that won't happen.... (I hope)

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