January 9, 2010

Some photos from Aug - Rhodos 09

...We try to match each other the best we can with glasses

....Help me, I' m trapped, and can't really see the open door..

I miss the sun, I miss Celcius +. Right now it's about -11 C in Göteborg, so I will not be stepping out of the apartment untill I really really need to, but that just gives me time to do things that needs to be taken care of...

By the way, my new years resolution(s) is: cycle to work 4/5 days (some times the weather is quite a challenge, not often, but the last couple of days for instance has been) AND work out 4 times at Sportlife per week. So far I am doing just fine, except for thursday and friday when I took the bus .... But I'm not worried, I will soon, with a little bit of patience, be fit, like I used to be... Next up, Body Combat at Sportlife tomorrow at 11:30.

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