February 20, 2009


You know, I'm just a big fan of Lifebooker, and today I did another appointment for haircutting at Projet F. I was in desperate need of a haircut to tell you that, it's been almost 10 weeks since last, and my bob is no longer a bob (doesn't look like it). Anyway, I've heard they're really good there. Mr. Lover has gone there twice, to Hector and can't brag enough about him. Well, I just ordered a simple haircut and when I got there I got massaged in 15 minutes or so, went thoroughly on neck massaging and the scalp, it felt so good. 

The thing is that if you order on Lifebooker, you pay $40 for a haircut at Projet F and if you had went to the salon instead you would have to pay $80 at least, so it's 50% off, which I think is awesome! 

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