February 8, 2009

Change of plans...

Ok, so I figured it might be a good idea writing in English, after all, it is a language most people ( that I know) understand ... so shout out if you disagree!

I don´t know about you guys but this sugar thing here in the USA is really bothering me, it really gets me stressed out, I mean, for once there is about 15 grams of sugar in a cinnamon oatmeal from quaker, thats just crazy man!! Cause when you look at it, you think its healthy, but nooooo.... I HATE SUGAR.  How does one avoid it? Does it exist any food without sugar, show me milk with less that 12 grams of sugar or pasta or whatever, that would make me so happy, and not least peaceful, when that day comes... boy... 

Right now, it´s 12.12 am on saturday night and I´m at home alone doing my accounting homework, fun huh? -even though everyone else is out and almost forced me to go out with them I don´t feel like it. I feel like doing accounting and drinking water. I´m such a geek. geeeky geeeky nerdy Linn. 

Ohhh, and I am so trying to find a gossip girl shooting, and I missed it yesterday, but my friend told me that she saw it up at 55th and 56th.. I´m so jealous.. Have to see the next one, not that I´m an obsessive celebrity stalker or something similar, but i really really do luuuv gossip girl, especially Leighton Master (did I spell that right?) she´s beautiful.

I <3> NY sweatshirts for $10 at Bowling Green, by ferry, and cheap t shirts as well, you get it for twice as much somewhere else.

Good night new york!

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