February 20, 2009

When in Front Row..

Yesterday was amazing! I was at Bryant Park, at the Promenade helping out for the Milly by Michelle Smith show, which was so brilliant. I would like to get maybe half of her collection, though I have never really heard of the brand but look out for it! I love this pink skirt, the gold sequin coat. The colours and how they mixed the fabrics together was genius. I was the celebrity filler, got to seat the guests, and then I got to held a seat for Mary J, in the front row, so that no one else would grab her chair. And while I sat there, Julia Stiles sat down next to me and on the other side Nelly Yuki from Gossip Girl (don't remember her real name, you know who). The show was full with celebrities and Papparazi but I just didn't feel sooo fresh with my white t-shirt and semi-clean hair, but they will probably cut me out if I'm in any photos, cause I probably am.. Haha

Today I met up with Wenche at Cafe Gitane in SoHo, for a Satay Chicken which is always my choice. I haven't seen her since forever, just too long ago! It was really fun seeing her again, just too bad it was just for a short time. You know when you meet up with friends you haven't seen in a while and the talk just goes by itself, it's no awkward moments in between sentences. That's real friends!

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