February 12, 2009

Spring time!

I wish everyone could experience true love. When you know you've met the person you belong together with, your soulmate, and it's so unique and so special. Everytime I see him I feel it in my whole body and I light up immediately, I am so in love with you and this feels so right. I have never met someone like you ;) Jag älskar dig!

I love my life. Yesterday I got my first birthday present, not a second too early, haha, its in three weeks:) It was a spring jacket that I've wanted for sooo long now, and I wore it on today in this beautiful warm weather. Thank you Helen! <3 You're so sweet!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to Bryant Park and volunteering for a few hours at Fashion Week. I am so excited, I wonder what it is going to be like, it's really strict though, but of course it has to be, sorry, no photos... If I can't sneak in my blackberry and accidentally take some random photos? Noo? We'll see :)

Good night New York, I'm off to bed and dreaming sweet dreams about my love ones (you know who you are) <3

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